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100% Off-Take Partner

Secured 100% off-take of asphalt production for 5 years from Calgary facility.

60% CO2e Savings

60% CO2e savings from both Delta and Calgary facilities.

Low Capex Facility

Low Capex facility, with modular roll-out business model.


Proven Clean Technology

Environmentally-friendly reprocessing solution for asphalt shingles with 60% lower carbon footprint.


Proprietary Design Process

Developed a proprietarydesign process to break down the components of asphalt shingles.


Market Opportunity

US$1.35 billion+ dollar market in Canada alone with limited proven processing alternatives.


Off-Take Agreement in Place

Off-takeagreement signed with multi-national construction materials company for 100% of oil production.


Fully Constructed Facility in Steady State Production

Fully constructed Empower Pilot Facility initiated steady state production in Q1 2022.


Expansion Opportunities

Expansion opportunities throughout Canada and the USA.


Supportive Environment

Current macro environment is supportive of circular economy options.


Strong Commercial Model

Commercial model is strong with increased tipping fees and demand for high quality repurposed products.


Leadership Expertise

Significant strategic, commercial, operational and capital markets expertise.

Annual General Meeting Materials

Quarterly financial statements + management discussion and analysis documents.

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Visual Capitalist Features

The U.S. is the world’s most wasteful country. In this graphic by Northstar Clean Technologies, we map tons of waste in landfills per person, by state.
The manufacturing and construction sector contributed to 6.3 billion tonnes of global greenhouse gas emissions in 2019.
Globally around 2 billion tonnes of waste is generated every year and the construction industry is a large contributor.
600 million tons of C&D debris was generated in the U.S. in 2018 alone. What materials contribute to renovation waste?
In a world that generates 2 billion tonnes of waste every year, landfill management has become a global concern.
In a world that generates 2 billion tonnes of waste every year, waste management has become a global concern. Here are some strategies to help guide...
The U.S. alone generates ∼12 million tons of asphalt shingles tear-off waste and installation scrap every year and more than 90% of it is dumped into...
Waste generation is expected to jump over the next 30 years. See global waste visualized over this time period, along with waste per person.

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