Intellectual Property


Northstar’s “Bitumen Extraction and Separation Technology” (BEST) is a proprietary process design that separates the three primary component parts of an asphalt shingle into resaleable products.

Patents Issued by USPTO

In November 2022, Northstar was awarded its first patent by the United States Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) for its proprietary technology for reprocessing asphalt shingles. This first patent is expected to remain in first until 2042.

In May 2024, Northstar was awarded a follow-on patent by the USPTO, which was the first of three follow-on patents and the second of four (including the initial patent awarded in November 2022. The first two steps of the Company's four step processing technology have now been fully patented, with the third and fourth submitted and under patent-pending protection. The follow-on patent is expected to remain in force until 2044.

Canadian IP Protection

In February 2023, Northstar received a Notice of Advanced Examination from the Canadian Patent Office (CPO). The Notice confirms approval by the CPO of Northstar's request for advance examination of its patent application for the Company's innovative technology for reprocessing asphalt shingles on the grounds that the application relates to green technology that helps either resolve or mitigate environmental impacts or conserves the natural environment or natural resources.

Patent Cooperation Treaty International Application

The Company has filed a Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) international application.

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