Canadian clean technology company focused on the sustainable recovery and reprocessing of asphalt shingles.

Environmentally-friendly reprocessing solution for single-use asphalt shingles.

Developed a proprietary design process technology to break down the components of asphalt shingles.

US$1.35bn market in Canada and US$7bn market in the US with limited proven  alternatives.

Fully constructed Empower Pilot Facility in Delta, BC with steady state production initiated in Q1 2022.

Current macro and political environment supportive of circular economy options.

Phase 1 Expansion Program planned for Calgary, Toronto and Pacific Northwest, USA.

Significant operational, sustainability, commercial and capital markets expertise.

Secured 100% Off-Take of Asphalt Production for 5 Years from Calgary Facility

Five Stream Revenue Model: Inputs (Tipping Fees), Outputs (x3), and Carbon Credits.

60% CO2e Savings from both Delta and Calgary Facilities

Low Capex Facility, with Modular Roll-out Business Model

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